Our chauffeurs bring you complete relaxation and maximum comfort.

Driving a car is a top performance for both body and mind. Constant attention, absolute responsiveness and the ability to survey all processes, demand a lot from you. If you want to get from one place to another particularly comfortably, or if you want to treat yourself to a bit of luxury for a special occasion, you will find it at myviplimo. myviplimo is your chauffeur service in Berlin. With us you can not only book your chauffeur for Berlin and Brandenburg, but also have the opportunity to enjoy your ride in a first-class limousine. You want comfort and variety? Both are guaranteed at myviplimo.

Optional services are also available (eg champagne, soft drinks, finger food).

First-class chauffeurs

So that you can fully enjoy the ride with your chauffeur for Berlin and Brandenburg, we rely on the use of first-class limousines. For myviplimo, safety comes first. That’s why our chauffeur service in Berlin uses only first-class chauffeurs who have a passenger ticket and also have extensive experience.

Exclusive limousines

We exclusively rely on Mercedes-Benz and Audi vehicles. Our limousines are in fine black and have a long wheelbase, so they already exude a touch of luxury through their design. Even inside you do not have to adjust to our chauffeur service in Berlin on compromise. All limousines offer you enough space and wait inside with noble materials.

Ideal for special occasions

Especially for special occasions such as a wedding or a celebration, you want to experience something very special. With our chauffeur for Berlin and Brandenburg and our vehicles, every ride becomes a real treat. Lean back while bringing our riders safely and reliably to their destination. myviplimo advises you on every request and coordinates all details with you.