The wedding limousine of the upper class – Our Mercedes Benz series 126

Mercedes S-Class W126 series – a classic with style and luxury.When it comes to a wedding limousine, mostly classic cars are in great demand, as they embody a certain romantic charm, which is usually no longer present in today’s car design. The current vehicles usually have too aggressive a look to cut an ideal figure as a wedding vehicle. Particularly high on the list when it comes to classic sedans with notchbacks is a Mercedes S-Class of the W126 series, as it symbolizes dignified and classic luxury, which has been associated with the Mercedes-Benz brand for decades, in contrast to its ostentatious and pompous successor called W140, which can hardly be seen on the roads anymore. In addition, there are many wedding couples who would like to sweeten the most beautiful day of their lives with an exceptional automobile, which may already be a classic. The factor of solidity and solidity also plays a major role, because such a W126 definitely does not polarize as much as, for example, a classic Ford Mustang, an old Ferrari or a Corvette of the first generations. In addition, there are of course many Mercedes fans, and above all, a classic Mercedes is still considered by many people to be the epitome of the German luxury sedan.

A classic design that exudes elegance and solidity.

In contrast to its successor, the W140, which saw the light of day in 1991, the W126 appears slim and trim. Its present yet unobtrusive lines, which embody elegance with discreet restraint, are ideally suited to a classic wedding car, as they appear simple yet timelessly elegant. The Italian Bruno Sacco, who at the time headed the design department of the Mercedes-Benz brand, was responsible for the design. The Mercedes front, current at the time, adorned by a star on the hood, looks very geometric, and the rectangular headlights with the yellow turn signal lenses, common at the time, can conceal their age very well, and are like a good wine that does not age, but matures. The straight side line, which ends in a long notchback, embodies a solidity and straightforward elegance that can hardly be found nowadays, because on today’s vehicles you always find various light edges and beads on the side, which either look overstyled or unharmonious, depending on the incidence of light. With its length of 4.99 meters for the short version, and an enormous 5.16 meters for the long-wheelbase version, it offers even the most comfort-conscious bride and groom enough space in the rear, especially if the long version is chosen.

The interior is dominated by 1980s luxury.

Of course, the design of the interior cannot be compared with current new vehicles, because this vehicle is a vintage car, which has at least 30 years on the hump. However, there was already a driver’s airbag from 1981, and a turbine belt tensioner for the front passenger, which was available in combination with the airbag. In terms of safety, the W126 was an absolute pioneer, as it was the first automobile in the world with the driver’s airbag already mentioned above. In addition, there was already an electric seat adjustment, which from the 1984 model year even included an electric adjustment option for the height of the front headrests. Also included in the equipment list was an on-board computer, which at that time was still called a “trip computer”. In addition, there was even an optional single seat system in the rear, which provided even more comfort. However, things like a navigation system, xenon lights or massage seats were not yet available, but even without the comfort goodies of modern times, this classic car is an ideal wedding limousine for all bridal couples who want to drive up to their wedding in proper style, and can not do without comfort and luxury.

Various engine options were available for the W126.

Whether you want to take it easy or appreciate sporty understatement, the engine range of the Mercedes S-Class W126 leaves hardly anything to be desired. The range of available power is enormous, and extends from the 121 hp diesel engine with a full 3 liters of displacement, to the 299 hp gasoline engine, which even today can clear the left lane on the highway. This Benz, called the 560, has a V8 engine with a displacement of just under 5.6 liters, which also gave it the model designation 560 SE or 560 SEL as the long-wheelbase version. But even the smaller gasoline engines, with outputs between 160 and 265 hp, can undoubtedly be convincing as a drive for a classic. As a wedding limousine, you don’t necessarily want a car with which you can race on the highway, but rather a comfortable glider that can go faster if necessary.

Why is the W126 the ideal wedding car for you?

Back in the days when there was no internet and influencers were still a foreign word, the star from Stuttgart still shone much brighter in the automotive sky. You can catapult yourself back to those good old days, when a Mercedes still embodied exclusivity and status, when you rent a W126 and enjoy the classic luxury from Stuttgart that has characterized the Mercedes-Benz brand since 1902. Is there anything better than enjoying this luxury on what is probably the most beautiful day in the world? We don’t think so.